Episode 37: How To Get What You Want, FINALLY

Thursday May 20, 2021

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It all starts with awareness. Conscious awareness.

What is the conscious mind you might ask?

The conscious mind is easy to understand. In fact, you’re using it right now. It’s your “waking” mind. The awareness of things you can focus on. It’s able to deal with between 5-9 ideas or experiences at a time. It’s the “here and now” mind that makes choices, makes plans, and helps you enjoy life.

So let me ask you, what are you consciously aware of that you REALLY want to achieve, obtain, save for, aspire to, be have?


  1. I want to be 65kg but I can never lose that 30kg.

  2. I want to save for a house, though I just can’t seem to get the money together.

  3. I've ALWAYS wanted to visit Europe, though I have never been able to get there.

  4. I’ve always wanted to have ABS but I just can’t get that belly fat off.

If you are consciously aware of what you have ALWAYS wanted you may very well be also consciously aware of what gets in your way. The bad habits, the lack of self management/ discipline etc.

So, let me ask you another question, and this helps immensely with motivation.

Why do you honestly want ........ INSERT here .....

Really - WHY do you want it?

Knowing the “Why” simply means understanding why you are doing something before you do it.

Some will refer to the “why” as the “guiding principle” or the “primary objective”. They all mean the same thing: understanding the purpose of the activity.

Understanding the purpose of your activity will enable you to remain steadfast in your pursuit, and give you a greater chance of having an undoubtable belief!

So here is a 3 step process to ignite your fire of purpose towards finally getting what you want.

Get clear on the outcome. What do you want and WHY?

With conscious awareness, note down what might actually get in your way from achieving step one. What might hinder you or prevent you taking action?

Use the following system to assist you overcoming roadblocks - the IF - WHEN - THEN strategy:

  • Establish IF this happens (IF means something that may happen though it’s not definite )
  • THEN I’ll do this...


  • WHEN this happens (WHEN means it’s definitely going to happen)
  • THEN I’ll do this...

This is one of the best problem solving and troubleshooting methods.

An example - for saving money:

  • IF an unexpected desire to purchase something arises when I’m trying to save
  • I’ll THEN ask myself if it is a need or want, put the object back and sleep on it.


  • WHEN an urgent bill crops up
  • THEN I’ll either pop it on a payment plan, contact the debtor or use the money I’ve put aside for it.

Establish the resources you have to prevent the above from occurring. Make sure you're organised and you clear the pathway to achieving what you want. Stay congruent to what’s important and stay in alignment with your why.

In summary:

  • Get clear on what you want
  • Figure out what may prevent you from obtaining “said” want
  • Problem-solve against what will get in your way and identify the resources needed to achieve that.

Now remember, knowledge is only power with action, inspired action.You can read this post, you can like it, but if you don’t ACTION it, it won’t work.

It only works if you DO the work.

Ready to take inspired action for yourself? Book a free 20min consultation with me