Episode 40: The Locus of Control - Part 1 of 3

Monday July 26, 2021

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This will be an exhilarating perceptual journey with direct focus on the physiological approach. The training, nutrition, motivation, race day supplementation and food, support crew, logistics, and the salvation I found through suffering.

Part Two will focus on the psychological tools deployed, the resources, mental tactics and strategies required to juggle work life, children, event processes and psychological ultra marathon internal warfare weapons and trauma.

Part Three we'll look at how to go REAL BIG raise the bar, take on a challenge that’s ACTUALLY a challenge, to live and approach life from the pointy end of the sword, the unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

Tune in, share this blog post, listen to the Podcast very soon, and accompany me on my Locus of Control insights at the Elephant Trail Race.