The ladies from THINK Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Friday December 01, 2023

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Had one of the best chats this morning with Shan Clayton & Leanne Davis of THINK Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Think Coaching & Hypnotherapy are two empowered women who empower women. They’re the real deal. They don’t pretend to be anything other than who they authentically are.

When people work with them, they gain the support of someone who has walked a tough journey in this life, conquered the proverbial demons, and lived to tell the tale. The ladies work in regional and rural Australia and support women, men, and teens from across Australia, from the cities to the country, working online via Zoom.

They offer a free, no-strings-attached enquiry call that can easily be booked online:

If they’re not the right fit for someone, they’ll happily refer to someone within their broad network who will be.