Jo Price Coaching

Saturday March 30, 2024

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Meet Jo Price. His fitness journey began at the age of 16, after being told point blank by a recruiter for the Armed Forces that he was "too fat to join".

Fast forward two years and he'd completed 8 months of British Army Infantry training, in which he achieved the title of "Best at Physical Training", as well as "Best Overall Recruit".

He went on to spend 12 years in the Army, 8 years of which as a Physical Training Instructor. During this time he conducted numerous overseas operations, conducted UK anti-terrorism activities, and worked as the lead Strength & Conditioning coach for the rugby, boxing and judo teams.

In addition, he has also had the privilege of conducting hundreds of hours of coaching/teaching S&C, CrossFit, and Nutrition to a vast array of individuals, ranging from World Record holders, to grandparents, to the average busy mum and dad.