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Mind Gym Team

Jamie Milne

Director of JMT & JMT Mind Gym

Jamie is a Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Master Practitioner and Trainer of Time Line Therapy, Trainer and Master Practitioner of Advanced and Clinical Hypnotherapy, and a Mental Performance Coach. Jamie holds diplomas in both CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Sports Psychology.

Jamie is a well known and regarded award-winning Strength & Conditioning Coach with over 20 years experience, bolstered with an enormity of qualifications in this field. An expert in human behaviour and endurance, Jamie brings to Mind Gym his own rich experience pushing the boundaries of his own mental and physical performance.

Jamie has served seven and a half years in the Military, and continues to hold multiple official and unofficial World Records in the area of endurance. He is also an author, a philanthropist and father.


Mind Gym Team

Liz Aquilina

General Manager of JMT & JMT Mind Gym

Liz is a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapist, Mental Performance and Strength & Conditioning Coach, and an expert in Human Behaviour and Support.

Liz also is the coordinator of JMT and its enormous vision and endeavours.

Liz has also served eight Years in the Military, and is a mother to three wonderful children.



What our Clients say

Recently I started working with Jamie, putting in place some strategies around me being able to dictate my state of consciousness. I've worked with a lot of different people in my time in sport, a lot people with a lot of qualifications and accreditations that are sports related to psychology and sports performance, and I have no doubt that all that work has laid a great foundation for all the results I have got with Jamie, but I just want to voice how quickly we were able to make some really stark changes to the way I thought and felt about performance, and also while performing. Literally got to the point where I could shift my own state of being, my own outlook, my own feelings, my own emotional state, in less than 30 seconds and be in control of that and have that in my skills backpack.

Ange Harries

Professional Womans Boxer

The gifts, tools and Knowledge that Jamie gave me are what I needed to kick start my next adventure and journey in life. Hand on heart, Jamie touched a nerve and sparked a fire inside me that made me realise I too can have success on my terms and without an wavering seed of doubt in sight.

Jamie's seminar was engaging, thought-provoking and at times personally challenging. With the right mix of theory, practical examples and humour, he kept us interested and motivated throughout and, as always, his passion for what he does was evident. I look forward to attending future seminars

During COVID I felt like I had hit rock bottom. Although I still trained every day, my motivation had disappeared and I felt like it had no purpose. As a seasoned athlete, this was tough and I felt like a shadow of my former self. It's not easy losing the one thing you think defines you. I had lost all confidence and self worth and didn't know what to do.

I had heard great things about Mind Gym so I contacted Jamie. After two sessions I feel like my old self and I am excited to set new goals. My motivation has also come flooding back to do what I love again.

Jamie committed to keeping in contact with me everyday to see how I was feeling. And I can honestly say as each day passes by I am feeling healthier and stronger and that my future looks so much more positive. To this day, I haven’t looked back nor do I intend on going back. My only regret is not doing it sooner...!


I can't thank Jamie enough for what he's done to my life. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this is the best decision I have taken to come and work with you. I am looking forward to my future and continuing to feel confident and calmer around stress management now that I know the deep rooted cause of my problem.



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