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JMT has never been a big commercial gym


We are a small community-based fitness and mental performance facility where everyone knows your name and your goals.

Historically at our Warana facility, and now in Agnes Water as well, customers come to us because they want a fast yet sustainable result. Most end up staying for the community, culture and life-changing experience.


The JMT Difference

An abundance of wrong paths

In my 20 years in the industry I believe there is nothing worse than witnessing good people spending the best years of their life feeling weaker, mentally distorted, fatter, carrying injuries and seeking out mainstream fitness and or therapy establishments that are leading the consumer, you, up the wrong path enthusiastically while providing an abundance of synthetic supplements, cookie cutter one-size-fits-all exercise prescriptions, and a lack of support and care.

Individuals are left uneducated, unfulfilled, economically worse off and still feeling soft around the edges, with little or no benefit psychologically.

Does this sound or seem familiar to you?






About Mind Gym

We don't play small

The purpose of JMT and Mind Gym is to raise the standard in the fitness and mental performance community.

At JMT we sincerely want you and encourage you to live your life at your best, during the best years of your life. And the best way we've found to maximise results for all individuals, is to upskill people with what we call “Health Literacy”.

We identified a long time ago that most people following fitness lifestyles spend one hour per day training, generally two to three times a week, and at most 60-90 minutes a week “learning” and stimulating neurological mental pathways. Then they are left to the mercy of the remaining 165 hours in the week to make congruent and sound wellbeing choices.

We offer tools, techniques, and share you journey to help not only bring you the most "bang for buck" from your direct training time, but also sharpen your personal toolbox for the rest of the week - and for the rest of your life. 

We do this through exploring the fundamental basics of your physiological and psychological states, coupled with functional movement patterns, simple nutrition support, reliable recovery tools, and high level mental performance methods.

Welcome to Mind Gym

What to Expect from Mind Gym

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