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We are often asked

"How many sessions do you think it will take to change?"

The answer and challenge is this… The world of mental performance, psychology, and human behaviour is intangible, abstract, and very individualised. Every single human being is different.

What we can tell you:
Mind Gym is not a cookie-cutter program.

We can confidently say it is about your outcome, not ours. So we will always be honest with you regarding thoughts, vision, and probability of change.

Just think:

  • It takes 27 days for an action, inaction, behaviour, new level of thinking to become "important" or for an individual to start a consistent thought process for change.
  • This is just the time it takes to make a shift in our thinking. It takes 90 days to make or break a behaviour or habit, as shown by Dr B J Fogg PhD Behavioural scientist.
  • It takes 10,000 hours to integrate something into your lifestyle and be capable of a respectable and reasonable understanding of said area. 10,000 hours is equivalent to is five hours a day of practice, five days a week, for five and a half years, a level of commitment similarly required to complete a University degree, or learning and practicing to arrive at competency with a musical instrument, or creating a practical business understanding and financial fluency.

This is why we take such a committed approach to our relationship with you, and why that investment is significant.

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