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At some point in life, most people have experienced the support of a person that brought the best out of him or her.

I know I’ve had it too. These people shaped your thinking and motivated you to move towards your dreams. Often these people showed up by chance, and they may not even know how much of an impact they have had in your life because you never told them so.

But what if, instead of relying upon chance, you could, on-demand, call up an extraordinary person to guide you, to help you take the right steps towards reaching your utmost potential?

The potency & simplicity of this program will alter your life.

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About JMT Mind Gym

JMT Mind Gym was created by Jamie Milne, an expert in the field of human behaviour, along with 15 years as a respected leader in health and fitness. Jamie served with the military, holds numerous world records...

Success Coaching with Jamie Milne is a targeted process designed to highlight the potent drivers of behaviour, character, physical and mental states, wherein individuals gain insight into their unconscious and cognitive behaviour, beliefs and values.

About Our Program

Your participation in 12 month intensive success coaching groups offers you the tools, knowledge and support you need to TRANSFORM yourself.

This program is designed to assist you to achieve your goals, surpass your boundaries and launch you to a new level of greatness, where nothing seems impossible.

What People are saying about Jamie Milne Success Coaching:

Available One on One or in Small Group Intakes

Success Coaching Masterclass Webinars

What is the Master Class Webinar?

This program is:

  • A life accelerator/global transformation program
  • Become a high performance person and take your life to next level NOW through MIND BODY HEALTH WEALTH and/or your version of Success
  • Fast-track learning via live mentorship and practical assignments to help you achieve your goals both in person or online.
  • JMT Success Collective offers an intensive 12 month course, 6 group meetings a year giving you the tools, knowledge and support you need to Transform Yourself
  • 4 Hours Per Month real time with Jamie in person

Learn from anywhere

Designed to be accessible and convenient, working with The Success Coaching Collective fits your busy schedule.

An intensive 12 month course, giving you the tools, knowledge and support you need to transform yourself.

Our live teaching and high-quality online content means you learn fast and get results, wherever your location in the world.

4 hours per month real time with Jamie in person.

Mentorship & support

The success of our programme lies in live, personal mentorship and direct access to Jamie, our coaches and your fellow Success Coaching peers, providing a unique system of accountability and the support you need to succeed.

Practical empowerment

Knowledge is power, only with action, self knowledge is EMPOWERMENT!

Our courses are highly practical, not just theoretical, passive experiences. Each weekly module covers a different valuable topic, with practical assignments to complete and constructive guidance from our team.

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What made you decide to commit to the Success Coaching program?

“As a world champion professional athlete and globally recognised award winning entrepreneur I thrive on challenges, breaking records and consistently performing at the highest levels in all areas of my life.

After reaching the pinnacle point in the areas of fitness and business I found myself feeling lost without clarity or direction on what was next for me, procrastination was consuming alot of my thoughts.

I really feel confused about who I was and what I truly desired for my future.

The defining moment of me choosing to commit to the program was meeting Jamie in person and hearing how he too is consistently breaking records and striving to live an extraordinary life far and beyond meritocracy it was at that moment I knew we needed to work together”

What are the greatest changes you have noticed since participating in the program?

“I have regained that unshakable belief in myself with a crystal clear vision of exactly what I desire in life.

I am more focused than ever before with clear goals and a detailed plan of action.

I have new tools to practice and implement daily that eliminate that procrastination which I'd found myself being consumed with before I started working with Jamie.

My soul is absolutely lit and the results in my fitness, business and personal life are beyond everything I'd ever imagined”

Would you recommend this program?

“I would absolutely recommend Jamie's work to everyone on the planet - it's life changing and I strongly believe everyone needs a coach.”

Michelle - Jamie Milne Success Coaching client

“Jamie I wanted to thank you once again for our sessions. Had a race Sunday in Christchurch. Prepared as normal but instead of standing on the water's edge waiting for the start gun stressing out I did my breathing saying to myself, 'swim strong'. Had a great swim, thanks, and I won my age group, SI std distance champion.”

Jamie Milne Success Coaching client

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Jamie Milne talks about JMT Success Coaching

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