Award-winning Physical & Mental Performance

is the leading Performance Centre on the Queensland Sunshine Coast.

Hybrid & Integrated

is the only Queensland & Sunshine Coast Performance Facility offering a truly Integrated Mind and Body approach.

Remote & In-person

specialises in catering to Athletes & Sports teams of all levels

Business & Leadership Team Performance

caters to career professionals, corporate groups and business owners.

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caters to career professionals, corporate groups and business owners.

"Ka Tū Te ihiihi" - Stand Fearless

When we take control of our lives, create the health of body and mind we want, increase happiness, and obtain the success we deserve, we show others to do the same.

Here at Mind Gym, we speak from first-hand experience, we draw from that experience, wisdom and our formal education, to get the very best from you, for you.


Jamie Milne
Mental Performance Coach
Take control of your life - and enjoy it!

Everything you will learn through your Mind Gym experience will enhance, fulfil and support your life and your own ability to influence others in a positive and profound way.

The information and techniques you will learn have wide applications, backing your success in whatever field or way you choose to use them.


Liz Aquilina
Mental Performance Coach


Find the Best Fit for You

Mind Gym Packages

Dial in Your Commitment

At Mind Gym we cater for the high level professional and/or athletic individual, companies, groups and teams. We offer options for 3, 6, or 12 month contracts.

One on One

Individual Packages

For high performance athletes or professionals, looking to push boundaries and exceed personal limits, we provide packages designed for the individual.

Teamwork Performance

Groups & Teams Packages

We also offer packages designed to bring the benefits of hybrid performance integration for your organisation, company and/or teams.

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